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Do Online Slots Have Memory & Remember What You Won?

Do Online Slots Have Memory & Remember What You Won?

Of the numerous questions about online slots that have been asked repeatedly, many revolve around the memory of online slots. Do online slots remember you? Do they keep track of your wins and losses? Is the gameplay affected by your past records? 

Here at Pay By Mobile Slots, we delve into these questions and more to dispel myths and misconceptions and provide a clear understanding of how online slots function. 

Do Online Slots Have Memory?

The straightforward answer to this question is no; online slots themselves do not have memory. The core of this misconception lies in the false belief that there is a pattern which punters believe they can decode. 

However, the reality is that online slots operate based on a sophisticated piece of technology known as the Random Number Generator (RNG). RNG is a crucial component of any slot machine. It continuously churns out thousands of random number sequences every second, each of which corresponds to a random outcome on the reels. 

Each outcome is independent and unrelated to previous results. This ensures the unpredictability and randomness of slots. 

As the spin button is pressed, the random number sequence generated at that moment determines the outcome for that spin and is converted into the symbols that appear on the reels. This process solidifies that each spin is a distinct and independent event unaffected by previous or subsequent spins. 

Do Online Slots Remember You?

Building on the previous section, the belief that online slots remember players and adjust the game outcomes accordingly is fundamentally flawed. For instance, the notion that after a significant win, the slot machine will cease to pay out is false. 

Each spin on an online slot machine is an independent event determined solely by the RNG. The slot machine doesn't retain any memory of previous spins or payouts. Consequently, a player's past performance on a slot machine doesn't influence future results. 

So, the chances of landing a win on a slot game are the same on every single spin. Therefore, if you just landed a win, the next spin is unaffected and has the exact same odds of landing a win. However, it's important to note that winning is never guaranteed.

Does How Much You Put In a Slot Machine Matter?

The concept that slot machines can track your bets and control the chances of winning or losing is another myth that needs debunking. The functionality of reading bet amounts in slot games is purely for producing accurate potential payouts as per the paytable. 

For instance, if a slot game offers a winning combination worth 50x your stake, the possible payout size would vary depending on the bet amount. If your bet size is £1, the payout would be worth £50, but if you bet £5, it would be £250. Therefore, the only reason slots need to know your current bet amount is to provide accurate potential payouts; it does not affect your chances of winning. 

Changing Slot Machines After a Win: Does It Help?

A common strategy some players swear by is changing slot machines after a big win. However, this strategy is based on the false assumption that a slot machine can remember your winnings and alter the gameplay to prevent further wins any time soon. 

As previously explained, each spin's outcome is independent of the previous one, determined solely by the RNG. Thus, it's not necessary to switch slots after landing a big win; it is simply a personal choice. Landing a win does not change the odds of the slot game. 

Are All Online Casinos Connected?

While some slot games, specifically progressive jackpot slots, are linked within the game provider's network as they all contribute to the same pool, most online slot games operate independently. However, aside from these exceptions, slot games function independently and aren't connected to each other. 

Each online casino is an independent entity, even if they use the same platform as other online casinos


In conclusion, the belief that online slots can remember you or your previous wins is unfounded. The RNG ensures that each spin's outcome is entirely random, unpredictable and independent of previous spins. 

While the casino does track player winnings for security purposes, this doesn't influence the slots themselves in any way. So the next time you play, remember that each spin on a given slot game has the same chance of winning regardless of the results of previous spins.